About Lawyers Without Borders | About the Durham Student Division


Lawyers Without Borders is a non-profit corporation, which aims to ensure the rule of law exists globally. The non-profit helps to meet the needs of the underserved through pro bono activities and projects, frequently working directly in the country they wish to impact. Frequently, the projects are focused around promoting and building capacity in the justice sectors. This is all done whilst adopting a neutral orientation.


The Student Division operates as a sub-group of the larger organisation, and as a project within Durham University’s Pro Bono Society. We currently have a team of around 20 members who help us to contribute to the larger organisations aims through research, fundraising and arranging various types of events. Our research initiatives consist of two main branches: Human Rights Updates, and White Papers. Our Human Rights Updates are written regularly by students and covering areas of personal interest to them. These updates provide an informative insight into many topical human rights issues that are occurring in our time; often, these are issues which are not receiving coverage through main publication channels. Our White Paper contributions are usually part of a larger project within the main organisation, being constructed for groups such as the UN, or offices of US Congress. The project also holds various fundraising events throughout the year, including seasonal events like our Christmas card sale. Additionally, we aim to engage students in critical discussion concerning global, socio-political and legal issues; we foster this type of discussion through hosting panel discussions and presentations with leading individuals, organisations and law firms. Previous guests have included: Pascale Bird, Karon Monaghan QC, JUSTICE, Reprieve, Ashurst, Clifford Chance and Freshfields.